Meatless Diet


Meatless diet does not provide sufficient protein

 This is one of the top concerns for some meat-eating people and families, especially those with small children in them. However, like Carl Lewis says, a vegan diet can certainly provide all the protein that a body needs, even that of a growing child. All you need to focus on is having a well-balanced diet and this does not mean that you need to have some kind of nutrition degree to figure out what a well-balanced meal is for yourself and your family. Ensure that you have a good mix of fresh fruits and vegetables and that you are eating the required calories per day. This in turn will ensure that you are getting the requisite amount of protein every day. Of course, your meatless diet may have less protein than that of a meat-eater. However, that is actually a good thing since excess protein as can often be found in a non-vegetarian diets leads to many medical conditions like kidney stones, some cancers and maybe even heart disease. A vegan diet rich in vegetables, grains and legumes contains just the right amount of protein that a body needs.

Many vegetarians who are trying to reduce meat from their meals start off by being lacto ovo vegetarians. This means they mostly eat plant food but also include eggs and dairy products in their meals. This is a good transition stage and many stay lacto ovo vegetarians, without being able to make the complete transition to a strict vegetarian or vegan.

Being Meatless Diet

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Is avoiding any kind of animal product, even dairy and eggs. However, being vegan usually implies much more than just a choice of diet, it is a statement of your lifestyle. Vegans of course, do not eat meat, seafood, eggs or dairy, they do not eat any product that is possibly taken from animals and insects like honey. Some even refuse to touch yeast products.

Being Vegan also means non-animal clothing. This would mean not wearing leather, silk, wool and similar products.

As you can see, a choice for being

“meatless diet or vegan”

usually begins as a quest for a more healthy living but once the choice is made, it starts affecting your whole lifestyle. And every choice that you make reflects the decision that you have taken.

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